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Our Partners

Awesome people behind awesome brands.

We know that to be the best, you need to work with the best - so we don’t choose our suppliers based on profits, we choose them on their level of awesomeness.

Evolution 2 - Ski and Adventure School

There’s plenty of ski schools out there, but few are as awesome as Evo2. Started by Tignard Herve Favre many moons back, the dream was to create a new ‘evolution’ of ski and snowboard school. One that offers beautiful instructors giving excellent tuition in perfect English, but with a side of alternative ski options - like skydiving, ice driving, husky rides, the list goes on..

Intersport - Ski and Snowboard Hire

Sport to the People, that’s the slogan at Intersport. Around since 1968, Intersport are simply the most well respected ski hire shop in France. You may find cheaper alternatives, but you won’t find better equipped shops, or more knowledgeable tech guys.

Huski - Smarter Self Catering

Huski are at the forefront of modern ski holidays, with their delivery-to-the-door catering options. Made from hand in the UK, these ready meals are the finest you’ll ever eat. Made with responsibly sourced materials, and with biodegradable and recyclable packaging, they match our ambitions both in the kitchen and out.

Coolbus - Private Airport Transfers

Cool by nature, not only by name. This transfer company was started 16 seasons ago, and have revolutionised ski transfers as we know them, bringing absolute confidence and excellent service and vehicle standards. Today the revolution continues, Coolbus offer the Alps’ first fully electric transfer, you can book your transport in their Tesla Model X with us today.

Ben’s Bus - Shared Airport Transfers

Ben’s Bus is a UK based company and was started by Ben, a keen skier and snowboarder, and all-round great guy. Ben’s Bus offer cheap alternatives through their low cost shared transfers, meaning you can save where you need to. If your travelling posse is a small group, shared transfers can be a great way to lower your carbon emissions too.

As we search high and wide for owners to put their properties directly on our site, Interhome are here to pull lots together to give you availability today. They’ve been working directly with European owners since 1965, their properties assure quality as well as a unique way to enjoy your ski trip.