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Our Environmental Responsibility

Hitting the slopes without leaving a huge carbon footprint

We, as long-term riders and lovers of the mountain, are often too relaxed when it comes to our responsibility to protect them.

So many hours spent knee-deep in nature, fewer spent concerned with working to preserve it.

Times are changing! We take our environmental responsibility seriously. Our industry relies on snow, and ooooh does it rely on us. We started this company for many reasons and the mission to offer better options for environmentally-conscious skiers was clear from the beginning. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Mossy Earth and Protect Our Winters to do our best to leave less of a Carbon footprint.

Mossy EarthProtect Our Winters

Carbon Offsetting

We are aiming to take responsibility and we believe that, given the option to do the same, lots of you will want to too.


Our Promise

For every booking we take...


Cabinista plants 1 tree
Mossy Earth plants 1 tree


We calculate the number of trees needed to offset the amount of carbon produced by your holiday, and you can choose to simply add the cost of these trees to your booking total.


The typical package ski holiday produces around 3.7 CO2 (MT).* 4 trees planted by Mossy Earth will consume more than this amount over a 30 year period. Meaning eventually, your holiday will be completely carbon neutral!

*based on 7 day package holiday to Tignes, including flights, transfers, accommodation, 1 weeks skiing, for 5 people.

Reducing our footprint further

Waste Reduction

We aim to give you a variety of service options, not only because it’s better for you, but because it’s better for the environment. That’s why we’re cutting abnormally large breakfasts, midweek towel changes, unwarranted motor vehicle use - just to name a few changes. We will use less water, less petrol and less food simply by offering better flexibility and choice to you, our guests.

Responsible Collaboration

Whether that’s offering transfers from a supplier with electric vehicle options, or using caterers that supply in biodegradable packaging, we aim to only work with others that share our ethos. It’s all about purpose over profit.