Winter is here - How's the snow?

Winter is here - How's the snow?

Snow Reports

Snow reports - 12th December 2018


It’s cold, -9 this morning in Chamonix, but a mere 23cm of snow so far means we’re away slowly in the Northern Alps. As an indicator, the past 3 winters have given more snow by this time of the month, but rest assured help is on it’s way.

The long range forecast is showing over some minor dumping is en route to us from the North, with over 20cm expecting over the next 7 days, and if the storms further south are anything to go by - there could be more to come very soon indeed.

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The powder is has exploded onto the scene, 140cm at the top, 80cm at resort level. The past week has seen 62cm of snowfall, and for those of us lucky enough to be in resort, it’s that magical mix of quiet slopes and hefty snow.

Tignes is always a strong resort for snowfall, as we all know, but to see this kind of snow this early in the season is a very good indicator of things to come.

A light dusting on the long range forecast, and low, low temperatures will help the snow we have stay. Come and see the packages we have to offer in Tignes and come and make the most of an excellent start to the ski season.

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