A Post Brexit Solution for your Ski Holiday

A Post Brexit Solution for your Ski Holiday

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A lot’s been said this week about ski holiday prices and Brexit. The industry leads are citing a 31% rise in holiday prices once Brexit hits. For many people, that’s easily the difference between going skiing or not, and for us, people not skiing is a subject we feel very strongly about.

Whilst there is no doubt that Brexit is set to have an impact on the UK Ski Tourism industry, the true extent is still very much unknown. With so much negativity about the options left for us skiers and boarders, we felt it only right to throw some positivity about for the future of our beloved snowsports.

The Brexit Truth

In many respects, there have been signs that this has been on the boil for a while. The European Posted Workers Directive at the centre of the Brexit vs UK Ski Travel debate has been around for some time - but I'm sure you all knew about that... 

In reality, we're talking about a business model which hasn't changed in 60 years and one that's replicated by almost no other nation outside our own. Brexit will dampen the spirits, most certainly, but travel trends have been shifting from this staff-heavy model for some time now.

Companies like HomeAway and Airbnb have taken their hold almost everywhere else in the wider-travel industry. Exciting new companies are now emerging in ski tourism who aim to take the best of both the new and old business models, and wrap them up nicely for their guests.

The Best of Both Worlds??

Moving away from the traditional chalet holiday doesn't mean you'll be staying in a shack somewhere miles from town, no food in sight, lift passes at the end of a very long office queue. Accommodation options are growing with chalets and apartments on the market, from 5-star penthouses to charming little cabins in the woods.

Transport options are often better and more efficient, and not as expensive as you might think. In-resort services are plentiful, varied and highly reviewed. In 2018, even chalet-standard home-cooked food can now be delivered to your door. Modern tour ops bundle this all up and let you choose the options you want, making for a truly flexible holiday.

We’ll go into these points in finer detail over the coming weeks, in preparation for our October Launch. But believe us when we say, there are plenty of exciting options out there that are better than you may have ever previously thought possible.

The Changing Tide

With this news a long time in the making, changes are well on their way. Rental properties in the French Alps are up by over 120% this year alone. More and more property owners are switching to a more lightweight business model, and they’re bringing their quality ski properties with them.

Progress is being made in other areas of the ski industry too, as technology is opening doors for more and more companies to bring their business to the masses. With modern, lightweight service models and the relentless strive for efficiency, the new kids on the block have a plan to offer something different and exciting.

So the message here is one of positivity. The chalet holiday experience will go on, and long may it live. But for those less happy with the increased price tag and looking for something more modern, there are options on the horizon for you too.

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